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Trader Joe AVAX | The Trader Joe $500,000 Bug Bounty Program | Find bugs > Report them > Get rewarded! Bug Bounty held in association with Immunefi, the leading bug bounty platform for Blockchain technology. Details below & in the Docs section of the website.

2021.11.28 19:59 RelationHot-69 Trader Joe AVAX | The Trader Joe $500,000 Bug Bounty Program | Find bugs > Report them > Get rewarded! Bug Bounty held in association with Immunefi, the leading bug bounty platform for Blockchain technology. Details below & in the Docs section of the website.

Trader Joe AVAX | The Trader Joe $500,000 Bug Bounty Program | Find bugs > Report them > Get rewarded! Bug Bounty held in association with Immunefi, the leading bug bounty platform for Blockchain technology. Details below & in the Docs section of the website. submitted by RelationHot-69 to lowmarketcap [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 19:59 Psychological_Mix959 Sumerian Nights 🌠

Sumerian Nights 🌠 A very merry unbirthday cake day to me! 🎉🤩 Hi there, my awesome friends! Feeling ready for the update? I can’t wait, getting through this week with my sanity intact has been a heroic feat, ngl! I’m back with my tradition of posting a “small” something right before RC drops the new episodes... this time I actually had decided to anticipate a little (I wanted to post it on Wednesday… good job me!), for celebrating my cake day (thanks to the dear friends who noticed in my stead #always-with-my-head-in-the-clouds)... you can see how that went! 😅😬 Oh well... I'm finally here! And to be completely honest, the real reason I wrote this post is that I just needed an excuse to bask once again in the perfection of this poster:
Have you ever seen something more beautiful?
I'n not ashemed to admit that I kept ging back to the original post just to look at its awesomeness. After I got accustomed to the divine beauty of this art, I noticed four constellations in the background, standing out from the homogeneous starry sky. The curiosity got the best of me, and I started looking into Mesopotamian star charts, delving into a topic I was familiar with but I never really “dissected”. I got reminded/found out a great deal of interesting things, and I especially noticed that astronomy is the perfect shortcut to deal with the Sumerian civilisation as a whole, in order to get acquainted with the story setting before it even started! Of course, the infos about it will be those somewhat relevant to the matters at hand, but feel free to ask anything you are curious about these ancient and sophisticated civilisations, who lived in Mesopotamia, the “Land between Two Rivers” (since it seems that some are not very familiar with them… one more reason to talk about it, before TFT airs! Ask in the comments whatever you are curious about, if you want!)
Let’s get into it! Bear with me, for a little while: after a swift introduction, we will move right away to our Sumerian friends! In modern astronomy, the heavenly vault is divided into 88 parts, each one of them corresponding to a constellation. Now, in purely scientific terms, constellations do not mean anything: they are just imaginary lines drawn between stars, or rather, the projection of stars on the heavens from our earthly point of view, created in the past for a plethora of reasons, from the need of reference point during navigation and of making the stars easier to distinguish one from the other, to the imaginative search of arcane knowledge of ancient priests and astrologers. Sometimes, on a three-dimensional, real disposition, stars belonging to the same constellations are light-years further from each other then two stars from different constellations. Why we still use them? Partly because a century-years old tradition is difficult to abolish, partly because they are still useful.
Cassiopeia, a Boreal circumpolar constellation. The yellow border defines the \"sky area\" which belongs to this constellation, bordering Cepheus, Andromeda and Perseus, among the several
A constellation is not only defined by the stars it includes, but also of the “dark” sky around it: that’s how the sky itself is divided in 88 fragments, fitting together like puzzle pieces, each of them “propriety” of a constellation. So, describing the position of stars and especially deep-sky objects is fairly simple, even without recurring to complex mathematical coordinates. Out of these 88 constellations (recognized by the IAU), 48 are of Greek origin, listed in the Ptolemaic “Almagest”, an astronomical/astrological treatise dated II century AC. This work met an extreme popularity in the latter centuries, translated in Arab and Latin and becoming THE landmark for any novice astronomer. Only at the beginning of the Modern Era some brave scholars started to criticize Ptolemy's work and creating alternative theories (Heliocentrism is the most prominent example). And yet, even after that, the Almagest never lost its popularity, and simultaneously with the discovery of New Worlds, new slices of the Southern Sky were finally accessible to the human (Occidental) eye. Scholars started to add their own (not very original, tbf) constellations, and some of them lasted: the Clock, the Indus, the Pneumatic Engine, bringing to the total number of 88 in the end. But let’s go back to the 48 original ones: turns out that those are not that original either (sorry Ptolemy). The greatness of Ancient Greek culture and civilisation, to the point we still look at them with awe, was also thanks to their ability of absorbing part of the culture of the extraordinary, more ancient civilizations that lived in their proximity, especially the Ancient Egyptians and the Mesopotamian inhabitants (among them, Sumerians, Babylonians, and Chaldeans). And astronomy is a field Sumerian people, and all the Mesopotamian civilizations that came after them, mastered way before any other culture.
A Sumerian, cuneiform \"planisphere\" discovered in Ninive, from 3300 BC
Most historians have suggested that the land of “Sumer” was first permanently settled between c. 5500 and 4000 BC by a West Asian people who spoke the Sumerian language (pointing to the names of cities, rivers, basic occupations, etc., as evidence), a non-Semitic and non-Indo-European agglutinative language isolate. The term "Sumer" is the name given to the language spoken by the "Sumerians", the ancient non-Semitic-speaking inhabitants of southern Mesopotamia, by their successors the East Semitic-speaking Akkadians. The Sumerians themselves referred to their land as the 'Country of the noble lords' (𒆠𒂗𒄀, "k-en-gi(-r)", lit. 'country' + 'lords' + 'noble') as seen in their inscriptions. The people of Sumer referred to themselves as "Black Headed Ones" (𒊕 𒈪, saĝ-gíg, lit. 'head' + 'black'). For this reason, "Sumerian" is a later, umbrella term: Ubaidians, though never mentioned by the Sumerians themselves, are assumed by modern-day scholars to have been the first civilizing force in Sumer. They drained the marshes for agriculture, developed trade, and established industries, including weaving, leatherwork, metalwork, masonry, and pottery. Sumerian civilization took form in the Uruk period (4th millennium BC). The Sumerians progressively lost control to Semitic states from the northwest. Sumer was conquered by the Semitic-speaking kings of the Akkadian Empire around 2270 BC, but Sumerian language and culture survived thanks to the sacerdotal cast. It was then followed by the Neo-Sumerian period of Ur, but their definitive fall came with the Elamite invasion and sack of Ur, when Sumer came under Amorite rule. The independent Amorite states of the 20th to 18th centuries are summarized as the "Dynasty of Isin" in the Sumerian king list, ending with the rise of Babylonia under Hammurabi c. 1800 BC.
In this map of the Near-East, the red circle indicates the area of maximum expansion of the rule/influence of the city-state of Ur
In the late 4th millennium BC, Sumer was divided into many independent city-states, which were divided by canals and boundary stones. Each was centered on a temple dedicated to the particular patron god or goddess of the city and ruled over by a priestly governor (ensi) or by a king (lugal) who was intimately tied to the city's religious rites. Their culture was very developed. The Sumerians adopted an agricultural lifestyle perhaps as early as c. 5000–4500 BC. The region demonstrated a number of core agricultural techniques, including organized irrigation, large-scale intensive cultivation of land, monocropping involving the use of plough agriculture, and the use of an agricultural specialized labour force under bureaucratic control. The necessity to manage temple accounts with this organization led to the development of writing (c. 3500 BC). For the same reasons, as well as managing economy and trade (with far away countries too, like the valley of river Indus), the Sumerians developed a complex system of metrology, thus resulting in the development of arithmetics, geometry (they were the firt to find the area of a trinagle and the volume of a cube) and algebra, through the invention of their sexagesimal number system.
Ziggurat of Ur
Their mathematical knowledge bled into science and astronomy as well. They were among the first populations who systematically studied the sky and developed such a subject. Their studies reached us through Babylonian and later documents, but their influence still shines through. Be it through numerology and the sexagesimal system still used nowadays just think about how we measure time) or those same Greek constellations which still are officially recognised in our skies. In fact, examining them we can find plenty of… discrepancies: constellations placed in pivotal corners of the sky or including extremely luminous stars while representing secondary mythological characters (Cepheus, for example: a minor character in the myths of Perseus, but with a fundamental position in the sky, to the point that in the past these stars included the Celestial North Pole: originally, he represented a famous Sumerian king who was rumored to have discovered the "art of astronomy"); luminous constellations related to almost irrelevant details of myths (Scorpio, Cancer, Corvus; Capricorn, the shape taken by Hermes in Egypt while fleeing from Typhon, represents a Mesopotamian "fish-goat" demon) or even completely mysterious and unrelated to them (the enigmatic "Southern Fish"). Proof that Greeks absorbed Mesopotamian constellations, trying, sometimes unsuccessfully, to include them in their own skies and mythological culture as they were (another piece of evidence, the great number of "aquatic" creatures depicted by constellations, typical of Sumerian myths).
Now, let’s really take a look at the Sumerian Sky: MUL.APIN has been the star chart I analysed while looking for Mesopotamian constellations. It’s a Babylonian compendium that deals with many diverse aspects of Babylonian astronomy and astrology. MUL.APIN is considered as earliest known compendium of astronomical knowledge. The text is preserved in a 7th-century BCE copy on a pair of tablets (with the third and last one lost, probably related to astrology), named for their incipit, corresponding to the first constellation of the year, MULAPIN (from mul, “star”, and apin, “plough”, meaning then “Star of the Plough” in Sumerian language), identified with stars in the area of the modern constellations of Cassiopeia, Andromeda and Triangulum. It’s a Babylonian compendium that stems from a Sumerian tradition , the so-called “Three Stats Each” list, consisting of an extended version based on a more accurate observation, which still is somewhat “idealised”. In fact, even though it’s likely compiled around 1000 BC, it merges more ancient details that comes off as a puzzle of corner of sky of different dates (for example, the positions of planets could be dated back to 1298 BC, while some other parts could refer to the sky as seen from Earth in 2048 BC). For this reason, the text, which lists the names of 66 stars and constellations and further gives a number of indications, such as rising, setting and culmination dates, does not seem to have the aim of mapping out precisely the night sky, rather to offer a starting point for the observation of the stars.
MUL.APIN tablet, British Museum
All the major stars and constellations are listed and organised into three broad divisions according to celestial latitude allocating each star to three paths:
  • the northern "path of Enlil" containing 33 stars or constellations;
  • the presumably equatorial "path of Anu" containing 23 stars or constellations, a belt divided into 12 parts representing as many ideal months of 30 days;
  • the southern "path of Ea" containing 15 stars or constellations.
Anu, Enlil and Ea are the three most important deities of the Sumerian pantheon. An, or Anu, is the Supreme God, lord of the sky and stars. He is a "dues otiosus", content in his own perfection: after contribuiting in creating the entire world with his couterpart, the goddess Ki, he takes a back seat and is not really involved with humans. His celestial bride, Antu(m), is just an extension of him, in fact. Enlil, or Elil, is the god of wind: his name is not a genitive construction, suggesting that Enlil was seen as the personification of the storm rather than the its cause. He separated An from Ki (the sky from the earth), playing a vital role in the Sumerian creation myth. Fatherly and just, his role became more and more important, turning into the main worshipped god during the Babylonian and Assyrian rule. He was later replaced as the "Chief among the Gods" by Marduk, a local divine hero. Ea, or rather Enki in Sumerian, is the Mesopotamian god of water and craft. He is described as benevolent, sharing several similarities with Prometheus, from his role in the creation of humanity with the goddess Ki (in her version as "Ninurshag"), to his decision of saving a worthy human fro the ires of Enki, who has planned of solving the problem of overpopulation with a deadly flood. Apart from the southern constellations, he is associated with the so-called "Square of Pegasus"#/media/File:PegasusCC.jpg), an asterism (parte of the bigger, official constellation of Pegasus) which is quite similar to the disposition of stars we can see behind a certain fiery flower on a certain RC post...
while it looks more like a cross rather than a square, there's no other constellation in MUL.APIM that resembles this array of stars so closely. Moreover, in the night sky the Square is similarly tilted to the side, and five stars, outlining the quare diagonal, do exist
Called ASH-IKU (the field) in Sumerian, it represents the first cultivated field by a man, thanks to the gift of agriculture granted by Ea himself to humanity. Three shining stars belogingin to Pegasus, Markab, Scheat, and Algenib, together with Alpha Andromedae (Alpheratz), define the four corners of a square. Even though they are not part of this asterism, five/six stars can be seen on a straight line, joining two angles with a imaginary line, like a diagonal, just as we can see in FTF poster.
As for the other three constellations... they were a bit harder to recognise, ngl. I need to put a disclaimer here: all of this is pure conjecture. I found the constellations that looked more similar to me. Confronting cotemporary stars charts, Sumerian ones and RC poster was NOT an easy feat, and my conclusions are not really clear-cut.
These five brilliant dots are reminescent of the main five stars of the more numerous cliuster of the Pleiads: Alcyone, Maia, Taygeta, Electra, Merope. Taking their names from a group of Ancient Greek nymphs, daughters of Atlas and Pleione. Simply called \"Many Stars\", \"Cluster of Stars\" (MUL.MUL) in MUL.APIM, they were also known as \"Seven Gods/Demons\", they were associated to the constellation of \"Bull of Paradise\" (Taurus), a mythical beast fought by Gilgamesh, and the Sun itself (their Heliacal rising coincided with the ending of the flood season and the beginning of a religious and secular period lasting 40 days.
These stars loosely resemble two different Sumerian constellations: the Fish (Nunu), linked to the near constellation of \"The Great Ea\", which was introduced as it was in Ancient Greek astronomical treatises, as the \"Southern Fish\"; or the Asterism of Dignity (BAL.TESH.A), \"the messenger of Tishpak\", corresponding to the Ancient Greek \"Corona Borealis\"
The hardest one to find, and I have not a real answer. This placement of six stars only resembles a small part of biggest constellations, especially Orion and Boote, respectively called \"SIPA.ZI.AN.NA\" and \"SHU.PA\" in MUL.APIN, and respectively representing the \"True Sheperd of Heaven, Papsukal, messanger of Anu and Ishtar\" and \"Enlil, who descrees the fate of the land\"
I want to emphasize once again that these are just hypotesis. Maybe these constellations do not actually mean anything, maybe they are simply an artistical choice, maybe I looked for the wrong ones in the MUL.APIM, maybe I should have not taken into account the Sumerian star charts at all. Maybe they will have a role in the story, maybe they will not. Anyway I'm curious to find out.
We are approaching the end of this post. I wanted to finish with a little excursus regarding the two goddesses we have heard mentioned several times, related to this story. Tiamat, in Babylonian cosmology, is the mother of the entire Cosmos, primordial goddess of Oceans and salty waters. Often represented as a scaly creature (those hands in the post 👀), similar to a serpent or a dragon, she was the incarnation of the ancestral Caos. She stems from the more ancient Sumerian Nammu, whose attributes she completely absorbed. She also shares similarities with the Ancient Greek Thalassa, and possibly an etymological common origin. Her monstrous offspring were wreaking havoc on Earth, and Anu decided they had to be exterminated. When the news reached Tiamat herself, she waged war on the Elder Gods, but she got ultimately killed by Enlil/Marduk, which became the leader of the Deities after this feat. Her slain corpse constituited the whole universe: from her ribs, the vault of heaven and earth; her weeping eyes became the sources of the Tigris and the Euphrates, her tail became the Milky Way. The Tiamat myth is one of the earliest recorded versions of the Chaoskampf, the battle between a culture hero and a chthonic or aquatic serpentine monster (see Apollo against Python at Delphi).
Robert Graves considered Tiamat's death by Marduk as evidence for his hypothesis of an ancient shift in power from a matriarchal society to a patriarchy (see also the "Oresteia" in Greece). The theory, which has its fiar share of detractors, suggests Tiamat and other ancient monster figures were depictions of former supreme deities of peaceful, woman-centered religions that turned into monsters when violent. Their defeat at the hands of a male hero corresponded to the overthrow of these matristic religions and societies by male-dominated ones.
Ereshkigal (mentioned by Ursa in her socials) is the goddess of Kur, the land of the dead in Sumerian mythology. Literally, her name means "Lady of the Great Earth". The main temple dedicated to her was located in Kutha, a city originally associated with Nergal, a nothern deity which has a similar role and became her husband later, probably to reconcile two different traditions, and her cult had a very limited scope. No personal names with "Ereshkigal" as a theophoric element are known. The two main myths involving Ereshkigal are the story of Inanna's descent into the Underworld and the story of Ereshkigal's marriage to the god Nergal. In the following centuries, she met a curious popularity for an underworld deity, as well as syncretism with other populations' Underworld gods. Even the Greeks appear to have applied the name Ereshkigal (Εϱεσχιγαλ) to their own goddess Hecate. In the heading of a spell in the Michigan Magical Papyrus, which has been dated to the late third or early fourth century A.D. (and as such was written after the art of reading cuneiform texts was lost), Hecate is referred to as "Hecate Ereschkigal" and is invoked using magical words and gestures to alleviate the caster's fear of punishment in the afterlife.
That's it! It's so late, sorry for my discontinuous presence in the sub lately, and sorry for this last-minute post! Life is never easy! 😅😂 Oh well... I can only wish you a nice beginning of the week and all the fun you can imagine for the impensing update! Just a bunch of hours, now; and if it's the dead of the night where you live, like here, look up to the sky: those endless and immortal stars, so beautiful and far away... someone, somewhere in the past, maybe even a Sumerian king, a Babylonian priest, an Akkadian astrologer, was looking at them with the same expression of marvel, serenity or curiosity you have right now. And if we are all admiring them, right now... can we all really be that far apart, o wonderful Reddit fam of mine?
See you soon, all the best! 😍💖😘
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2021.11.28 19:59 Substantial_Fly_1723 THE CRYPTO PUMP

To all the members of thecryptopump,
I hope you have been enjoying this journey as much as me.
If you have and would like to see more, please invite as many people as you can to my subreddit so we can form a strong community to make conclusive and informative decisions.
In addition, any shares of my previous posts and or predictions to existing forums would be greatly appreciated as it would help exposure.
Regarding Telegram, and to get back to the huge bunch or members who have messaged me directly, I would be more than happy to start a Telegram when it us viable to do so. For me, this point is when I have 5K members in my subreddit. If you want to be involved in this telegram, please share my posts and invite as many people as you can so we can get the members numbers rising and start a strong community.
Cheers heaps.
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2021.11.28 19:59 PrazCM Net Degenerates Update

Haven’t posted in quite some time. Working on other projects. Will be posting information about upcoming meets on Discord in the near future.
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2021.11.28 19:59 Kill_all_smurfs My mom is an ARTIST but this drywall ghost…

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2021.11.28 19:59 Itchy-Acanthaceae841 Op-ed: How Algorand is gearing up to become a contender to Ethereum

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2021.11.28 19:59 HiuysWhiok 💎$MZOO| MoonZoo ⚡️| Fairlaunched two days ago|2mil+ MC and CMC listed | Doxxed Devs and Fully Audited By DessertSwap |Gamefi + Meme + NFT ⚡️

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🏆 Everyone is a zoo owner, and one has to use our native token $MZOO to purchase food and toys to attract dogs. And one can sell the meme dog NFT for our native tokens, so it is not only play-to-earn but also creates a close economy in our community. It provided demand for $MZOO, and not to mention it is hyper-deflationary in nature. Low supply and high demand, the price of $MZOO would MOON!
⚡️ We also have a big Chinese community behind us, as our dev team members are from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Please join our telegram and see our website to see our marketing videos for Chinese community as well. MoonZoo is a community project and we put great effort to build a supportive society, and is waiting for you guys to join us!!
😇😇Key Features
Gamefi, Meme and NFT combined Token
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!! No team token or presale!!
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Contract: 0x6921187Ad2CE23972c58Cb68140b8F5ad4270c9e
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Dev are all doxxed and contract audited by dessertswap
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2021.11.28 19:59 inserttext1 Help interpreting a recipe

Hello everybody, I have been reading the book Ancient Roman Cooking by Marco Gavio, and I can across a recipe by Cato the Elder for a Wine for the family during the winter. And the recipe has you ferment it for 5 days then dilute it with salt water and seal it in a pitch filled jar. Overall it sound kind of like a piquette or small wine, so my question is, should I stop the fermentation when I transfer it or no? And why/why not.
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2021.11.28 19:59 roigey Boyfriend moving away

Just here for some advice. I’m not sure how to feel or what to do. My boyfriend (21M) is a year older than me (21W), and we have been together for four years. He accepted a new job in Texas with Amazon that pays extremely well. He accepted it, but is still applying to other jobs which hadn’t gone well. He says he doesn’t even want to go to Texas, he doesn’t know anyone there, and he didn’t even like the location very much. It seems now though like it’s coming up sooner and sooner and the possibility of him going becomes more and more possible. I couldn’t even go if I wanted, I have two more years of college to get my masters and he’ll be basically half across the country. I’m not going to give him an ultimatum but I just feel really sad and confused. I don’t know if I am being selfish by wanting him to stay, but the thought of him being so far away for so long makes me really sad. Just here for some thoughts about what people have.
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2021.11.28 19:59 timecoyote I gotta fever and the only prescription is more GRIND. What should I buy?

I am desperate for an addictive game that is all about the GRIND. I have a Switch and PS4. Here's a list of what I want in a game.
- Complex skill trees that allow for wildly different and creative gameplay styles
- Top notch inventory and crafting systems
- Satisfying loot--upgrade--sell--buy gameplay loop
- Fun combat that is more than just button mashing (can be action or turn based)
- At least a somewhat open world
Here are a few things I don't want at the moment
- A story with 30 minute cutscenes and long periods where you are forced to do a certain series of missions (Not sure if I explained this right but hopefully you understand)
- Too many distractions that take you out of the core gameplay loop (like the boring scanning missions in Mass Effect 3, which I love otherwise)
- A "map" game where you run around finding collectibles for no reason
Here are some games of this type I've enjoyed in the past
- Oblivion (Skyrim too but not as much, I feel some of the character build depth was taken away)
- Breath of the Wild (Enough said)
- Borderlands (The story doesn't take itself all that seriously and is mostly just a vehicle that serves to get you into more shooting and looting)
- Witcher 3 (Except when you have to play as Ciri and lose all your gear, but thankfully this was a very small portion of the gameplay)
- Stardew Valley (This might seem like the odd one out, but I absolutely loved this game)
Here are some examples of games I'm not looking for right now and why (Possibly unpopular, please don't kill me)
- Horizon Zero Dawn (Too many random collectibles, not enough loot, terrible inventory)
- Red Dead Redemption 2 (It was just too much for me okay!? I'll probably try again later though)
- Mass Effect (I honestly love these games, just not looking for something where I have to make super important decisions with lasting consequences right now. There were also hours of gameplay at times with no combat, and that is what I'm trying to avoid right this moment.)
So what do y'all think? Hit me with your best shot.
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2021.11.28 19:59 Expensive-Gas-4251 Ode to a legend. RIP

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2021.11.28 19:59 mynutsackdoesntexist Does amount of beds matter to babies?

My wife is pregnant with our third baby, I live in those suburb houses with only two beds (two slots each ya know) Do I have to get a bigger house for the baby or will the baby be fine and someone just will have to stand around, or will my baby get deleted?
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2021.11.28 19:59 1nks42o 16+ realm

Got 5 members but im the most active im also the realm owner. we are open for new players to join its a hermit styled realm so we will restart in a year or so. need players and am happy for you to explore the world before you make your mind up on joining. pm me of your interested
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2021.11.28 19:59 KrazyKahn7 Sad but great (Spoiler if you didn’t see afterlife)

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2021.11.28 19:59 williamjseim altered carbon mod

how do i wipe a hostile cordial stack
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2021.11.28 19:59 CrowRepulsive8880 Will test the girls in your life for the next few hours. Great past success 18+. Dm me her or on kik sarajjac. 18++ ONLY

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2021.11.28 19:59 fikarme beyler kendimi bota nası dönüştürebilirim acil

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2021.11.28 19:59 Ssme812 I don't know if I'm just overthinking the situation or not

For context we meet each other during the summer like 9 or 10 years ago. The job/town had a lot of internationals/work and travel students. During that time I was really involved in photography and I did some photoshoots with my friends including her. She's a beautiful young lady but we're just friends and nothing romantic has ever happened between us. Most of my friends in general are girls.
Anyways. We've been talking and catching up online throughout the months/years ever since. She would talk about her life (anxiety/depression, family, music etc) and I would as well. When she came back to the city 4 years ago I was depressed, jobless and broke. I avoided trying to meet up until the last min because of it. I didn't want to be downer when she was happy etc. We finally did meet up and it was short but she was happy and it was good to see her smile again. We still continued to talk on IG etc.. after.
Now she's back again but this time it seems like she's just avoiding me after saying she wanted to meet. She told me the week before that she was going to be in my city for over a month and wanted to see me. So I was excited to see her again. So I thought of a place to take her that's she's never been before and would like. It's been a month now and we still haven't meet up.
The 1st week she arrived I didn't want to bug her with plans. 2nd week she doing tourist stuff and seeing other friends. Plus I was working random hours am/pm shifts. 3rd week she said she was busy (It was her birthday weekend. Which would have been nice to see her then but nope.) and that the following week she's free. The 4th following week is here and she didn't even reply back to my message. I messaged her I wanted to take her somewhere and she left me on Seen. Her previous replys to me we're halfed ass response like "keep in touch or ok or hope to see you".
On her IG stories she's with her other friends, posting memes or saying she's having a bad day/night dealing with her anxiety. She's usually the 1st person to see my stories when ever I post something. So she's active on the app regularly.
I just feel like I'm wasting my time now trying to meet up. What the point of even asking if she just going to ignore me? Idk I just thought we were actually friends and not internet friends.
I've been in a good place mentally for the past few months (having a decent job, saving up and thinking about the future in a positive light). Thinking about her before put a smile on my face/mood. Now thinking about her makes me sad and unwanted. She's literally one of the few people I talk too for years and this situation just has me confused. It shouldn't take a month a meet one of your friends when you're only here for a short time.
Idk if I even want to see her anymore now. I would never have waited this long to see a friend if I'm visiting. I just feel really hurt right now.
I guess I just needed to vent and see anyone's else's perspective on the situation.
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2021.11.28 19:59 Sbambit What am I doing wrong? Watermelon Peperomia new leaves crispy deformed - see captions

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2021.11.28 19:59 Goutaxe Labour Dept service counters to begin operating by appointment starting Dec 1

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2021.11.28 19:59 wapoleon xwayland application don't use gtk.css?

I was toying around with `gtk.css` to bring gnome applications a bit more to my liking but I noticed that the applications that are running under xwayland (like `gvim` in the attached screenshot) are not following my designs (pun intended).
Is there some other file I have to modify for xwayland applications? I thought `gtk.css` would have an equal effect in all apps. Any ideas?
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2021.11.28 19:59 kotastudio Joker the Cat - one in 54 cards - full playing card deck

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2021.11.28 19:59 Dizzy-Sheepherder-52 30 weeks pregnant and moving at 34 weeks

Hey mamas! Has anyone else needed to switch OB/midwives in the middle of pregnancy? I’ll be moving at 34-35 weeks and not sure what to do.
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2021.11.28 19:59 Historical-Fold-6461 Leaked Nudes join now

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2021.11.28 19:59 baconrocx What is the term used for the how much weight a material can hold of itself before it breaks?

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